We have a clear vision of how to change the way women around the world can take care of themselves.
Menstrual Maintenance is wrought with trash, bacteria, and inaccessibility. It’s an equality issue, a women’s empowerment issue and societal taboo issue keeping women marginalized at a time when the planet needs us to be elevating to our fullest potential.
We are developing a product that will enable every woman to take care of themselves in a positive way for the course of their entire menstruating life. Zero bacteria, zero waste.
Addressing this issue directly empowers women everywhere. We will see a profound shift in the ability of all to direct life force towards tending to and healing our world, versus being stuck in survival and worn down by shame.
We need you to be a part of this movement. We want you to join our efforts. We know now more than ever that our greatest gain is global well being. Please reach out, I can’t wait to talk to you.
Alina Faye
We are currently in stealth mode. If you’d like to learn more please fill the form below or email me directly at alinafaye@gmail.com.

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